Save Our Planet

Photo: Two local fishers preparing for their duty while sunset on the Baguala Bay (Teluk Dalam), Ambon Island, Maluku Province, Indonesia.

Teluk Dalam, Ambon

A Little Corner of Island

Photo: Martha Alfons (Martafons) cape, separate the Baguala Bay and the Ambon Bay, as seen from a ferry when crossed from Poka to Galala, Ambon.

Tanjung Martha Alfons, Poka, Ambon

A Natural Playground

Photo: It's not a huge swimming pool. It's the Natsepa beach, one of favorite places for family recreation in Suli, Ambon. A very nice beach with extremely clear water and perfect white sand.

Pantai Natsepa beach, Suli, Ambon

The Hidden Paradise

Photo: The Hunimua Beach a.k.a. pantai Liang. The most beautiful beach in Indonesia according to UNDP research 1990. Very quite, peaceful and romantic place sited on Liang, Ambon. However, actually, there are thousands beautiful beaches spread in Maluku province and other thousands in Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world, mostly remain unrecognized.

Pantai Hunimua Beach, Liang, Ambon

Flying on the Water

Photo: A local fisher and his child waiting for the bait they put on the sea, at Hunimua beach, Liang, Ambon. Extremely clear water makes their boat seen just like flying. Faintly seen the Seram island at the background.

Baiting at Hunimua Beach, Liang, Ambon